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Boomer & Bear

(Up For Adoption)

Bonded Pair (half brothers - same father) we are looking to adopt them together.


Age: 5 yrs old

Weight: 7.9lbs

Colour: Black

Bear is the super sweet and shy little brother, he loves to be cuddled and to be nice and close to his human. He's a big fan of walks (when it's warm enough outside!) and likes running around at the dog park, making new friends. He wrote the book on puppy eyes, and will certainly be waiting for you on the couch for a cuddle session. While he can be a little hesitant around dinner time or when he hears loud noises out on a walk, he's not afraid to run around with dogs much bigger than him! Open your heart to this guy and he'll be crawling into your lap before you know it. He is amazing with the vet and his assistants. Absolutely no trouble at all and he would never ever consider biting. Great with kids, cats, and dogs.


Age: 5 years old

Weight: 6.57lbs

Colour: Beige

Boomer is an energetic little guy who loves to play, run and be doted upon. He loves to zoom around and burn off his seemingly endless amounts of energy. Though Boomer loves to explore new surroundings He is not a huge fan of walks (at least not in this winter climate) so needless to say he loves to be carried around. He eats significantly faster than his brother so a little bit of monitoring at dinner time wouldn’t hurt. He needs to be kept on a low-fat diet because he has a sensitive bum which can be affected by stress and the wrong food. Boomer is great with other dogs as well as cats and is perfectly fine around children.

Such easy boys to care for. All they really need is attention cuddles and lots of food for those big appetites. Our foster has been feeding them a bit more than what the bag recommends because they have so much appetite! They need a caring, patient adopter who will work with them on their potty training outdoors (winter is tough on them) and as mentioned before someone with the time and energy to give them the life they deserve.

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